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Visas & Immigration to Canada

Can-Am Immigration is an immigration and naturalization consulting firm. Providing immigration file preparation and client representation services to foreign nationals who wish to immigrate or obtain a visa for Canada.

Corporate Solutions

We offer corporate solutions to entities both large and small to expand their business in Canada, transfer workers into Canada, and fill labour shortages.

Family Sponsorship

We are committed to helping families reunite in Canada. Sponsor your wife, dependent children or other relatives to Canada. Let us help you bring your family closer.

Visas & Immigration to Canada

Corporate Solutions

Family Sponsorship

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Latest News

Government of Canada to make Start-Up Visa Program Permanent in 2018

The Start-Up Visa Program, which was launched in April 2013, invites immigrant entrepreneurs to bring their business to Canada. The program allows entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence for themselves and their family. This pilot program was aimed at attracting... read more

Why Immigrate to Canada?

There are many reasons why a person would choose to immigrate to Canada. Some people immigrate in hopes of living a better life and/or to give their children opportunities that may not be so readily available in their country. Some people immigrate because they live... read more