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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Information

Each of Canada’s provinces has developed its own Provincial Nominee Program with various options for Canada immigration for individuals looking to immigrate and settle in a specific province in Canada. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is designed for skilled workers and business people who are looking to settle in the province of Manitoba. This provincial program accelerates the immigration process by providing eligible applicants with a Nomination Certificate that allows for faster processing of the application for permanent resident status. The province of Manitoba selects its nominees based on their connection to the province and their ability to establish and maintain a career, a family and build a life in Manitoba.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba has re-designed and improved the process of applying for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program in an ongoing effort to promote economic growth within the province. Skilled workers may be eligible to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program as long as you meet the requirements of one of the four available categories of the program.

  1. You are currently working in Manitoba as a temporary foreign worker with a valid temporary work permit and have been working for at least six months.
  1. You are an international student and have graduated from a publicly funded Manitoba post-secondary institution in at least a one-year program for which you received a certificate, diploma or degree, you have an offer of a long-term, full-time job from a Manitoba employer and have been working in that job at least six (6) months with a valid post-graduation work permit.
  1. You have been invited to apply under a Strategic Initiative (skilled workers interviewed by the MPNP at events such as overseas employment and immigration, or people who have made a pre-approved exploratory visit to Manitoba and had an interview with a MPNP officer, or international students eligible to graduate from a program of study of at least two years are invited to apply after registering for Manitoba Immigration’s employment readiness program).
  1. You have a strong connection to Manitoba through having family who live in the province and you meet the following five factors:
[accordion title=”Age“]
Qualified applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must be between the ages of 21 and 49.
[accordion title=”Education“]
Qualified applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must have completed secondary (high) school and have at least one (1) year post-secondary education or training for which they have earned a diploma or degree.
[accordion title=”Work Experience“]
Qualified applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must have at least two (2) years of full-time work experience in the last five (5) years prior to submitting their application.
[accordion title=”Language Proficiency“]
Qualified applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must prove that they are proficient in English and/or French by taking the required language proficiency test and submitting the results of this test when applying. Having proficiency in one of Canada’s primary languages is crucial in order to succeed in the workplace.
[accordion title=”Adaptability“]
Qualified applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must submit a settlement plan that explains the steps they will take to adapt to life in Manitoba and have it endorsed by a close relative who has lived in Manitoba as a permanent resident for at least one (1) year. *end of drop downs*


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program – Business Persons and Farm Owners

In addition to the above categories, Manitoba also welcomes business persons or farm owners to apply for immigration to Manitoba. To apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as a business person or farm owner, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Have a minimum net worth of $350,000.
  • Demonstrate that you have owned or managed a farm for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba to be able to provide documented assessment of business opportunities in Manitoba and general knowledge of the province.
  • Must reside in Manitoba along with your dependent family members.

Applicants who have received nomination certificates from Manitoba must make a $75,000 deposit to the Government of Manitoba, guaranteeing that they will live in Manitoba and start or purchase a business or farm in Manitoba within two (2) years of obtaining permanent resident status and landing in Manitoba. The deposit is refunded without interest when the investment described in your application is made, your business or farm is operational and you are established in Manitoba.

Applicants for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program must show that they will be an asset to Canada and will actively and continuously aid in the growth of the economy and the creation of jobs for Canadians. You must also be able to prove that you have the tools to succeed as a citizen of Manitoba; having strong ties to the community is essential to your success and adaptability in the province of Manitoba. Keep in mind that meeting the basic requirements for the program does not guarantee you approval into the program. The process of applying for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program varies depending on your current situation and status as well as many other important details. As every situation is different, it is important to assess your individual needs and responsibilities on a case-by case-basis before deciding which immigration option is best for you and your family

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